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Sleeping Duck voucher and promo code

Sleeping Duck Promo Codes & Coupon Codes for Jul 2019

The most pleasing part in a day for anyone is at night when they finally go to sleep on their bed. Just imagine sleeping on your mattress but it is not comfortable enough, you are tired yet you can’t sleep, having a bad bed mattress is the most annoying thing anyone could have. It is one of the most excruciating pain suffered at night. Having a bed mattress means not having good sleep which leads to bad mornings to ruining the whole day. These were the thoughts of Sleeping Duck when they were thinking of making the finest mattress the world has ever seen. You can avail Discounts from SuperSaverMama with Sleeping Duck Promo Code.

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Sleeping Duck Promo Codes & Coupon Codes for Jul 2019

More about Sleeping Duck Discount and Promo codes

Sleeping Duck was founded by two Australian mates Winston Wejiyeratne and Selvam Snappiness who were tired of finding the perfect mattress to sleep, they searched far and wide but were not impressed by the mattresses, so they set out to make their own mattress with the concept that their mattresses should be customization, so that everyone could change the mattresses to the type they need. Not everyone is keen on sleeping on soft mattresses some also like to sleep on hard top mattresses. So in order to cater to all the people these Australian mates started this company with the idea of customizable mattress. Avail the discounts on Sleeping Duck with Sleeping Duck Promo Code on SuperSaverMama.

Their idea was that you change your mattress as you seem fit at any time because they knew that every mattress that is made is just not easily changeable, if you buy a mattress then you stuck with it. You are not an expert on buying mattress, you just buy it if you get the wrong mattress which is not according to your body type then your nights are ruined until you get a new one. Sleeping Duck believes buying a mattress is really difficult process because the decision you make can have an impact for your future life as it relates to your daily sleep which if ruined can cause a lot of pain, So Sleeping Duck decided to give their customers 100 days of free trial, so that they could adjust to the new mattress or if they do not like it, they could just return it back, it’s as simple as that. Sleeping Duck is different as they 100% Australian, this means that all the process of making the mattress is controlled by them, thy believe that if they control the whole process then it won’t be difficult for them to find the mistakes made in making the mattress and they could rectify it, so all of their mattresses are made with perfection. They have made their process so effective that they have reduced cost by a lot and so they offer the best prices in the entire continent.

They also give discount through SuperSaverMama with Sleeping Duck Promo code. They have knack for competing with their competitors because they are confident with their ultimate design of their mattress and thus they are the new market leader, basically they have become the Apple of mattresses.

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Q.What are your return policies?

A.They have 100 night policy, the first night starts when the mattress has been delivered to you so you can return it within 100 nights of delivery.

Q.What happens to the returned mattresses?

A.If you return your mattress then your mattress is given to charity as we won’t sell it again because it did not satisfy you.

Q.What is the delivery time ?

A.For most of Australia we ship within 5 days, place like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra. It takes 6 days to deliver to Brisbane, all of which are metro areas.

Q.What are the delivery cost associated with the mattresses?

A.All the shipments are free of cost.

Q.What is the Warranty for the mattresses?

A.Our warranty is for 10 years because they know that mattresses are for life and we have made it that way to sustain for a life time but still we made the warranty for 10 years just for contingency.

Q.Do you have financing for the mattresses?

A.Yes we do have interest free finance so that our customers could buy now and pay later. For more information you can visit our website.

Q.Do you have anyDiscount Codes?

A.Yes, we do have discounts, you can have Sleeping Duck Promo Code through SuperSaverMama

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